Share & Thrive

Creating the thriving world we want to live in

Our Purpose

To create the thriving world we want to live in

At Share & Thrive, we work with individuals and organizations to support and transform communities. Since the inception of our organization in 2017, it has evolved from a small Facebook group into a collaborative, compassionate community that transcends borders. Share & Thrive provides access to resources to create the thriving world we want to live in and inspires, connects, and empowers people to positively impact our planet.

“[Share New West] changed my outlook in life. I’ve always donated and enjoyed helping people find the “treasures” they want or need, but since joining SNW I’ve felt a sense of community belonging I've never experienced before (and we’ve been in New West for 18 years!).... In [Share], everyone is just so helpful, generous, kind, knowledgeable, and informative.”

“[Share] has made me feel great about the people in the community -- how we’ve not only shared but helped those in need.”

“[Share] actually changed me. Now I want to give more to others.”

“[Share New West] has fostered a strong sense of community for me. I have two toddlers and am often busy with them. It's nice to see a name come up again and again in the group and slowly get to know that person. I've made some great friendships from the group.”

Our Impact

Engaged citizens, strong communities, and a better planet

Through our Share community groups; our online database of resources, knowledge, and talent; and our events, we are changing the way people think and behave. The result is more engaged citizens with a strong sense of community supporting one another in having a positive impact on society and our planet. In the last year, Share has connected thousands of people in meaningful ways and saved tonnes of items from landfills.

Coming Soon: Our new website, complete with valuable resources for the communities we live and work in, and information and inspiration to help us and our planet thrive.

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